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            “Has your useless peon of a brain located another mystery to
      sate my appetite yet, amoeba?”

//Actually, I don't really have any mysteries... unless you can figure out what the clothes dryer keeps doing to all the left socks. Otherwise, I don't suppose you'd be interested with meeting the muses? they have a mystery for you.//

            “That would be the work of one of my tools… strange little side
      effect it has. But I suppose it’s more beneficial than the ones that
      could kill you, what with your weak human compositions. …hm?
      ..muses, you say… mysteries..?”

//Oh god you have no idea how happy I am!~ I've spent three days trying to find an rp blog for Neuro!~

      “Unless you’re here for a mystery, don’t waste my time, mealworm.”


Have you ever been through or have seen an wormhole. The one that sends you through different times and dimensions.

      “I have seen many such things. However, venturing through one provides no method of predicting what lies on the other side. Only a fool would take such a gamble. If there were no mysteries on the other side, where would that leave me?”


          ⊰ ☠ ⊱——-;; Dark purple hues were calm as the witch had her eyes staring upon the male, her thoughts on him were quite neutral, for she still knew little of him. However, that still did not mean that she wasn’t intrigued by the aura, and type of character he displayed. Arachne kept her fan over her face, a light smirk was made but not seen for it was hidden behind the webbed object that she held so proudly.

The woman lowered her eyes as Neuro took his bow —— how delightful, so, it would appear that he knows his place…and how to treat a lady, like herself.


       ❝It’s truly an honour, and who would have known that I would have come across such a being, and here of all places.❞ A demon? Oh yes, this was truly someting to be delighted about.

       ❝However, I’m quite curious to know what sort of interest a demon like yourself… would have here. Surely, such a devilish being would have no desire to be among mortals…❞ She would know, being a witch—— her lifespan is far more great than any mere human, and she occasionally finds her interest in them to be…short. 

      “Indeed you’re correct, madam..” He confirmed her suspicions; thankfully she didn’t seem to be a woman without her wits, so she shouldn’t prove to be a complete bore. “..I am only here as a means to an end. As I stated, I’ve devoured all the mysteries in hell.. yet, standing before you, you can clearly see that I still thrive. I require sustanance, therefore, and so I have journeyed here where I suspect the most delectable of mysteries may very well reside.”

      “And mortals, despite their pathetic lack of intellect, I have found to prove rather useful as pawns to me. After all, what’s a sufficient meal without a maitre d’ to serve you?” He inquired quite cleverly.


     ⊰ ☠ ⊱——-;; The woman looked at the being from the corner of her eye, the webbed fan still held up and over her facial features, it added mystery to her appearance, however she had nothing to hide. How intriguing was this? The spider wasn’t aware of who this male was, but—— he possessed power that no mere human being would be able to obtain.

               ❝What an interesting thing to say —- I must agree.

Arachne waved her fan lightly, creating a cool breeze over her pale, porcelain skin; stopping, the woman turned her body fully, now facing the stranger. 


❝I find more than several things about you….fascinating, however what use is this encounter without an introduction? Perhaps you’re aware of my name, but that isn’t something I should always assume.

                                                                I’m known as Lady Arachne.

      “Of course you do..” He responded easily, his tongue slipping through his asperous teeth to lend his words a lithe fluidity. There was no use adopting his faux persona that he presented the mortals with; this woman wasn’t to be fooled. “..after all, it’s the logical truth. You must agree with it, lest you leave any leeway for lesser minds to assume some unintelligence in you.”

      He chuckled in lieu of her compliment, his deceivingly broad shoulders straightening beneath the vibrant blue hue of his suit.


      “..I could say the same of you.” He responded, returning the propriety of her manner with a sweeping bow and an introduction of his own.

      “…I am Nougami Neuro; the demon who ate all of hell’s mysteries.”

4 Mysteries are on the Tip of my Tongue.


It appeared that, to the child at least, there was some form of enjoyment being derived from the conversation by the strange man. Though, even with the lack of understanding on the younger’s part, he made no mention of the observation. His only role was to obey after all.
Yet he had traversed far beyond his boundaries by fleeing. Perhaps Lac was not so constricted as he thought.


"…Didn’t… Like it there…"

      “Mm..” He hummed, the cog in his mechanical mind cranking and whirring as they devoured every syllable that dripped from the strange child’s lips, piecing the words he uttered together in a woven basket of mystery.


      “…why not?”



"I don’t own a phone. It’s also impossible for ya to access my home phone so it’s not worth givin’ out. There’s a park not too far away from here isn’t there? One with a busted memorial? If you need anything from me or if you’ve found something, I’ll be hangin’ around the entrance of there on any given night. 10:10pm onwards."

      The demon’s sharp, precise brows drew together at the man’s insistence. Oh..? No phone.. in this day and age, he gathered that was rare. An almost impossible way to live. He could be telling the truth… or perhaps he didn’t want to leave a paper trail. No electronic evidence. A meeting place somewhere late at night. The demon couldn’t help the sinful smile that curled his features. …if he intended anything, it would be all too entertaining.

      “…very well then,” He agreed quite benevolently, “…I’ll let you know what I find.”